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 Evil Incarnate - TCG Basics

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PostSubject: Evil Incarnate - TCG Basics   Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:14 am

Basics of Evil Incarnate TCG

Ok well First off. We donít know how to play yet but Ill post the basics that everyone should know about Evil Incarnate TCGand all help is welcome.

How the card Will Look

Monster: The basic of my set is going to look like a yugioh card. But with the atk on the left side of the card and the def on the right side of the card. The Name, effect and picture will be in the same place as Yugioh cards and the level/cost will be at the bottom of the card, under the effect and between the atk and def.

White/Black Card: The basic looks the same as a yugioh spell or trap card but, if it is a defence spell or trap its base color is white and if it is an attack the base color is black. The name and text are in the same place as on a yugioh card but they also have a cost/level at the bottom of the card, in the same place as a monster cards.


Monster Zone: Where you put your summoned monsters (max.5 on the field at one time)
Deck Zone: Where your deck goes. A deck may have up to 50 Cards in it, but only up to 3 of the same card per deck.
Cost Zone: Any Card placed here will become a cost card. Allowing them to be sacrificed to summon other monsters. All monsters are worth 1 cost unless stated otherwise.
White and Black Zone: Where you play/place your White and Black Cards.
Reaper Zone: Where all your destroyed monsters and White/Black Cards go.
Fusion Deck Zone: Where your fusion deck goes.
Base Zone: Where all Area/Field cards go.


Monster: The main card you play to stop your opponent from lowering your Hit Points to 0. They are placed in the Monster Zone on your side of the field. Base color is Red If it has an effect and Green if it doesnít.
White Cards: Defence Spell or Trap Cards. These cards help you defend your Hit Points while trying to deplete your opponents to 0 using your monsters. These cards are placed in the White and Black Zone, base color is white.
Black Cards: Attack Spell or Trap Cards. These cards help you attack your opponents Hit Points or deplete your own to damage your opponent. These cards are placed in the White and Black Zone, base color is Black.




Plant Life
[More Later]




You start out with 9000 Hit Points (HP)
You must have 50 Cards in your deck.
You can only have 3 cards with the same name in you Deck
All monsters cost a tribute. Level 1 monster costs 1 ect.
You draw 6 cards to start the duel and 1 per turn
All Monsters cannot attack on the turn they are summoned unless stated otherwise.

Creature/Monster Types

Effects (base color red)
Non-Effect (base color green)
Fusions (base color blue)
Rituals (base color is a gold)

White & Black Card Types

Normal - These are Normal White and Black cards, keeping to normal abilities.
Counter - These White and Black cards are used to counter the White or Black card or Monster your opponent has damaged you with.
Quick Activate - These White and Black cards can be activated on either players turn.
Regret - These White and Black cards inflict large amounts of damage to your opponent, HP or monsters, but end up causing you some problems later on in the duel.
Mercy - These White and Black cards can cause a small amount of damage to an opponent, but continue to do so for a considerable number of turns.
Equip - White or Black cards that can be equipped to one monster on your side of the field. Some cards are specific to one type of monster e.g. Effect, Dark, Data.

Basics about Creatures/Monsters

Effect Monsters - They can give you an edge over your opponent depending on effect. Example "When this card is destroyed by combat, inflict 1,000 damage to your opponent's Hit Points.". Their base color is red.
Non-Effect Monsters - Really do nothing but can help out like some might have high ATK or DEF. Their base color is green.
Fusions - Can only be summoned by fusing 2 or more monsters together. Their base color is blue.
Rituals - Can only be summoned by using a specific card and it can have an effect or non-effect. Base color is a Gold.

What You Should Cap On A Card

"Reaper Zone" not "reaper zone"
"Hand" not "hand"
"Predator-Type Monster" not "predator-type monster"
"Deck" not "deck"
"Black/White Card" not "black/white card"
"Acid Fox" not "acid fox" (this means for CARD NAMES)
"Fusion Deck" not "fusion deck"

Basics about White and Black Cards

Normal - Just is used for anything can stay on the field for turns (but only if it says it can). This symbol is used for both types.


Draw Phase - Draw one card from your deck during this phase
Cost Phase - Place any cards from your hand into your cost zone for later usage
Summoning Phase - Summon any monsters (If possible)
Mercy Phase - Monsters can battle during this phase (Not during the first turn of either players)
Regret Phase - Any HP which are lost by the effect of White or Black cards or Monster cards is deducted.
End Phase - Your Turn ends here.

More articles coming soon
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Evil Incarnate - TCG Basics
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